Friday, October 15, 2010

The Virtual Unconference

The Virtual Unconference is a online system designed to parallel the physical conference based around crowd sourced takeaways and user submitted content (Did you know about it?).

Update: Check out a curated session

It's a two part system: The Official blog (this one) contains Virtual Sessions and General Unconference topics that automatically capture session tweets and can be updated with content curated from the Uncut User Submissions blog. Use the Session Wall to navigate/find/browse the session and submit content.

Visit each post for extras, like real-time tweets and submitted content links during the unconference, archived tweets after and a disqus comment block to continue the discussion. Disqussions describes some of the goals and details subscription options for comments on a session by session basis or for the entire unconference.

You can read about the "Mega System" on Bill Warner's Blog and learn more about Chris Myles' Next Steps Labs .

Session Discussions/Takeaways (via threaded comments)
Use <b> and </b> to highlight session takeaways and snippets in the comments below


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