Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MassTLCD1 | Broadband Disruption

From @brough


Ad Hoc Fixed Wireless Networks--Should Carriers Be Afraid? | Community
A 'Freemium' approach to radically improving broadband Internet in America," was the topic of a session at last week's popular MassTLC (Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council) Innovation 2010 unConference in Boston. Driven by curiosity, Rebecca attended the session led by Brough Turner, founder of a newly minted startup called netBlazr (no relation to the Telebit NetBlazer of yore). NetBlazr is a wireless ISP with a grand vision to bootstrap a wireless alternative to today's ISP lineup of telcos, cable companies, and line-of-site wireless providers. Using inexpensive Wi-Fi technology NetBlazr plans to rely on business customers to build ubiquitous, cooperative networks in densely populated urban areas.

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